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Environmental Case Management & Closure

A regional retail grocery chain asked Pure Environmental Solutions to review and provide recommendations regarding the environmental case for one of their retail support centers and warehouses. Petroleum storage tanks for fleet refueling were located at the site. The facility encompassed several acres and included more than 40 groundwater monitor wells which were being regularly monitored and sampled for a variety of constituents. The case for this facility was more than 10-years-old and had been passed through several TCEQ coordinators as well as several grocery chain project managers and consultants. Our client asked us to review the case to determine if case closure would be possible in the near future. Based on our review of the extensive file, we informed the client that we believed case closure was indeed possible in the short term.

Because the case had passed through so many TCEQ coordinators, we recommended meeting with the TCEQ to present and discuss our proposed Scope of Work to obtain case closure. Pure presented the proposed Scope of Work to the TCEQ, and with some minor modifications and additions, the TCEQ approved it immediately. Following TCEQ approval, the fieldwork was scheduled, and a comprehensive report detailing our activities as well as the history of the case was submitted to the TCEQ less than 60 days later. Based on the results that we obtained, case closure was granted.

From initial case review through fieldwork and subsequent reporting, Pure Environmental Solutions was able to obtain case closure on a 10-year-old case for our client in four months. This ability to look at aging cases with fresh eyes has enabled us to quickly investigate any remaining regulatory concerns and close cases that have been stagnant for years in a matter of months. 

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