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Image by Ant Rozetsky

Facility Compliance Audits

Pure Environmental Solutions is currently conducting an ongoing facility audit program for a major steel manufacturer. The program consists of performing facility audits of waste and recycling companies used by our client. The client instituted the program as part of their internal due diligence and risk management program.

The scope of work for this program includes: performing a regulatory database review of the subject facility, conducting a detailed site visit(optional), conducting interviews with facility management, reviewing facility permits and insurance coverage, and preparing a report detailing the results of the environmental audit. The primary purpose of the audit program is to document the subcontractor facility's operations regarding environmental practices including, but not limited to: regulatory compliance, permitting, regulated materials handling, waste stream issues, and environmental insurance.

When potential compliance issues are encountered, Pure makes recommendations regarding corrective action measures. And if necessary, we may recommend that the client no longer use a facility which poses a serious environmental risk.

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