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Image by Sergei Akulich

Large Scale Multiple Phase I & Phase II ESA Project

Pure Environmental Solutions performed 33 Phase I ESAs and nine Phase II ESAs for a San Antonio-based petroleum retailer. The project presented a challenge not only for the short deadline, but because most of the project sites were in rural towns spread out over a 120,000 square mile area of Central and South Texas.

The keys to the successful completion of this project were planning, organization, and efficiency. Because the locations were spread out over a large geographical area, the fieldwork for the sites was grouped according to location and completed over the course of several fieldwork "milk runs". The fieldwork for the Phase I portion of the project was accomplished with seven field trips. Additionally, the fieldwork for the Phase II portion of the project was grouped according to location as well, and fieldwork for the nine drilling projects was completed within a two-week period.

The pre-planning and grouping of the fieldwork enabled us to provide a volume discount to the client, and our client saved thousands of dollars over completing each location individually. Our planning and efficiency resulted in the completion of all 42 locations and associated reports in a seven-week period in accordance with ASTM and AAI standards for Environmental Site Assessments.

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